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FCE / Worker’s Compensation

As movement specialists, we at Focus Physiotherapy understand how the body moves and how that movement relates to an individual’s job responsibilities. With this catered understanding, we are able to quickly and specifically address the dysfunctions associated with the injury. Moreover, we will work with your employee on ergonomic corrections to minimize the risk of reoccurrence of injury.

We understand the intricacies of Work Comp management. Working with Focus Physiotherapy is an easy and efficient process. We provide very specific feedback on a weekly basis so you always have the latest information on your current cases. We always treat patients with skilled manual therapy techniques and guide them to return-to-work status.

Focus Physiotherapy provides a comprehensive package of workers’ compensation products, including Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE), Work Hardening, Work Conditioning, Injury Rehabilitation, Pre-Employment Screens, and Ergonomics Assessments/Reporting.

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