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Why Focus?/ Patient Outcomes

At Focus Physiotherapy, our practice is built on the following four values: Expertise, Integrity, Impact, and Servanthood. We are committed to providing your patients with the best possible care.

We specialize in movement dysfunction and disorder. Our therapists perform a highly skilled evaluation which allows us to identify the underlying cause of the dysfunction and prescribe appropriate treatment.
Patients see the same physical therapist each visit. We believe this is the most efficient model for physical therapy as patient progression can be evaluated more readily and any complications can be identified and promptly communicated with your regular doctor’s office.
Our patients receive a specialized exercise program tailored specifically to their needs.
Our patient billing is handled locally in each clinic. This means a team member who is familiar with the patient and their particular case will review any billing issue.
We provide our support team with ongoing training in exercise knowledge and administrative responsibilities to ensure accurate and up to date methods and procedures.
Our therapists commit to a 4-6 year continuing education program past their formal therapy education. Additionally, Focus Physiotherapy encourages and facilitates our therapists completing a fellowship in an orthopedic physical therapy program.
We understand it takes our whole team to create a fantastic experience. That is why both our therapists and support team are offered continuing education in customer service and leadership.

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